Our planet is precious.

Wherever you are in the world, happy Earth Day. We all call this planet our home which provides us with everything we have in life from clean drinking water to fresh air. It is the place where we eat, breathe, raise our children, and most importantly live.

Climate change is a real issue affecting us all.

The environment around us provides the living world with many natural services at no cost. However, many of these services are being threatened with the constant degradation of the environment. The rapid pace at which the climate is changing due to the increasing concentrations of pollutants and gradual rise in temperatures.

Below are some things you can do to help.

Turn on night mode.

Enabling Night Mode in Polarity can certainly help reduce power consumption by dimming websites while maintaining the readability of the content. With the exception of old LCD panels, darker colors can help reduce the power consumption of CRTs, dynamic LCDs, dynamic LEDs, and OLEDs. Newer monitors are now able to intelligently shut off or dim the blacklight or individual pixels. In the end, darker pixels can contribute a lot to saving power.

Enable Adblock and Click-to-play.

Let's face it. For many years, Flash has provided us with many feature rich and immersive content that helped to spice up websites. However, it has become a nuisance due to its security loopholes and inefficiency. Adverts are at an all time high with an exponentially growing market. However, many of these advertisements continue to run without the user noticing and are the leading power drainers on your machine.

Make the switch.




who have made the switch. Although Polarity is a small project, it has big dreams. Dreams of making a difference in providing a better browsing experience for all and a more habitable planet.