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Not just another alternative browser.

Polarity is the alternative browser.

Alternative browsers were made with a purpose. Polarity was designed to be much more energy efficient and light weight than other browsers, so you can browse longer without the fan kicking in. Built in privacy features such as DoNotTrack and Privoxy allow users to browse with confidence. With a wide selection of apps, themes, and extensions, you'll feel right at home with Polarity.

A Clean User Interface

Polarity is designed to give precedence to online content. Therefore it only made sense to design the user interface to be as unobtrusive as possible to create an immersive browsing experience.

Keep pinned tabs in place.

Instead of restoring all the tabs from your pervious browsing session, why not only restore the ones you actually need?

Color Coded Tabs

A common issue that many users had was distinguishing tabs from each other when there were many of them open. Our goal was to solve this issue to make them more noticeable to reduce the time wasted searching for tabs.

What's Great About Polarity


The browser has become the application that people use most on the computer. So why not make it as efficient as it can be? Polarity specializes in minimal RAM and CPU usage to deliver a great browsing experience for low and high end devices.

Turbo Charged Performance

Powered by Blink, Polarity offers the latest in web standards support, superior performance, and unparalleled security. With WebGL and hardware acceleration, Polarity delivers snappy performance from video streaming to web apps.

Security and Privacy

Privacy is essential in preventing your credentials from being used by third party services. In addition to pBlock, Polarity comes with a number of different tools like Sandboxing, Proxy/VPN/Tor support, cookie management, and private browsing. You can easily configure Polarity to forget all browsing data when closing and restrict header data passed to websites.

Picture in Picture

Easily stream videos while surfing the web without having to switch tabs. Simply pop out the video from the context menu to stream videos on top of any web page in a draggable window.

Night Mode

Browsing the web with bright backgrounds can be extremely tiring for long durations, especially at night. Night mode aims to make browsing more comfortable by dimming bright backgrounds to reduce eye strain.

A Browser With Choices

Polarity allows you to create a browsing experience that you coud truly call your own. With thousands of extensions from Greasy Fork, OpenUserJS, and UserStyles, custom built themes, and a wide range of apps, Polarity offers flexibility unmatched by any other browser.

Parallel Sessions

For users with multiple accounts across different services, it can be hard to be able to keep track of updates that come along. Parallel Sessions is designed to allow the users to be able to access services with multiple accounts in one browser.

Tab Sleeping

Stop trading memory usage with convenience with Tab Sleeping in Polarity. With Tab Sleeping, you can keep all of your open tabs without worrying about high memory usage. Tabs are automatically paused after a user set period of time and resumes when selected.

Backup and Autofill

Polarity provides syncing with PolarSync and password management with PolarPass. With PolarSync, users can easily backup and restore their pervious browsing configuration on different computers. PolarPass allows users to store conveniently manage their online credentials all encrypted with AES-256.

Browse with a Cause

Polarity has partnered up with Ecosia to help generate revenue towards reforesting different parts of the world. This program is in support of the Great Green Wall Project backed by the African Union and the World Bank.


Easily take screenshots right in the browser without any additional plugins or extensions. Simply launch it from the action menu and hold and drag.

Trident Mode

Updating to a new browser doesn't mean you have to give up support for legacy webpages. Trident mode enables you to browse older sites that misbehave with Blink in the same window.


You and the whole community are the driving forces that help us create an application that pushes the boundaries of what a web browser can be through countless suggestions and feedback.

See what Polarity is truly capable of.

The main focus of this project is to develop a web browser with the user in mind. If you want a lightweight, flexible, and secure browser, sign up to be the first to try.

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